Friday, 26 June 2015

Cake topper cross stitch!

Hi everyone,

Here's some of my cross stitch designs, featured in issue 230 of the wonderful magazine, The world of cross stiching. Doesn't it make you want to eat cake when you look at this....or is that just me?! 


Enjoy your weeekend everyone.    :  )


Thursday, 25 June 2015

My recent drawing

Hi everyone.

Here's my latest drawing. I did it for an online facebook challenge, the group is called 'united by art' . They will be announcing the winner this Sunday....very exciting! It was only for fun and you don't actually win anything, except for the glory of being the winner I suppose!
I loved working on this picture although the background became a little tedious toward the end! Therefore, the bottom right hand side area took me only about half an hr which is VERY quick for one of my pieces af artwork.  :  )
I hope you like it anyway. I used polychromo pencils on stonehenge paper, size approx 11 x 14".  If I don't post anything on here again about means I didn't win the challenge! Watch this space............................... 

Have a lovely day everyone.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My piggy design!

Hello again everyone,

Here's a photo of one of my recent favourite designs which has been made into a card. It was featured in Cross stitch collection. Isn't he lovely!

Have a nice evening everyone.


Design featured in Cross stitch collection

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all well and that all of my UK followers have been making the most of the beautiful sunshine!
Here's a kitchen design that I produced for the wonderful magazine, Cross stitch collection.

Hope you all like it!


Sunday, 14 June 2015

My new artwork

Hello again,

Just a quick post before I hit the sack! I decided that I may as well upload my recent artwork onto here. I've recently discovered a love of using coloured pencils and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm hooked! Here's a couple of my coloured pencil drawings......

This is a drawing of my youngest daughter, Heidi. Heidi really dislikes having her photograph taken which I think is pretty evident from this picture! It took me around 20 hrs to draw and I used polychromo and pablo pencils with a bit of pen for the sparkly areas of her dress and tiara. Heidi chose this photo because she 'looks like a princess'......Oh, how right she is!!!! I especially enjoyed working on the hair on this drawing but the less said about the tiara, the better!

This is my eldest daughter, Isabelle. Isabelle loves having her photo taken and immediately demands I take her photo whenever she spots that the camera is out! This drawing is from a photograph I took of Isabelle at the Leicester space centre. The reason I chose to draw this particular picture was because it was one of the very few photos were she was completely unaware that I had the camera out! I much prefer to work from a photo that hasn't been been posed for, I tend to find that they look much more natural. This one took around 15 hrs and was drawn using polychromo and pablo pencils on stonehenge paper.

Hope you all like my pictures anyway.
Now I'm off to bed so I have plenty of energy for more drawing tomorrow!
Night folks.
Jenny x

Cross Stitch purse featured in Cross Stitch Collection magazine

Hi everybody,

Hope you're all well.
As usual, I'll start this post with an apology for not updating you all with any new posts for a while! I've been super duper busy with new commissions, child care, school get the picture! Anyway, I just wanted to create a post to feature this gorgeous purse that the talented team at Cross Stitch Collection team made from one of my cross stitch designs. Isn't it lovely! It was in issue 150.

Be back soon.........   :  )

Jenny x