Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New good luck chart now available on the website

Hello again. Wow, I don't go on here for ages then I do 3 new posts in 1 day!
Here's another new chart for you. It would be ideal to stitch as a card for someone who's due to retire. Click here to go straight to it on the website .

Jenny's latest art project

Hello again. I've just realised that I didn't post my latest drawing onto my blog. Here it is anyway. It took what seemed like forever to finish but I enjoyed every minute of it! It's been produced using a black pen and made entirely from dots.
People tell me they can see faces and all sorts of things in this picture. See if you can spot the face. I was studying it for ages before my husband finally pointed it out and now I know it's there I'm finding it kind of freaky! Would have thought I might have noticed it beofre seeing as I was the person who drew it1 Bizarre! Hope you all like it anyway.   :  )

New website chart

Hi everyone. Just a quick update. I've uploaded a new chart onto the website and here it is!
Just click here to find him on the website. Especially for all you fireman fans out there! Sorry he's not particulary sexy, I decided to go for cute instead! 

Monday, 13 January 2014

New crossstitch charts on the website

Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and happy new year. We had a lovely Christmas, just a quiet one this year....well, as quiet as you can get with 2 very excitable little ones in the house!!
Christmas always seem more magical since I became a mum, I'm not ashamed to admit that I look forward to a visit from the big guy with the red suit!!!!

Ahem....now time for a website update. I've just uploaded 2 new charts. There's a 'good luck in your driving test' and a lovely set of 'happy animals'. I hope everyone likes them.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday folks!